Blake P. King

To be successful in sales, one must be determined, but also must be smart and articulate. People need to understand the product or service being offered and more specifically why they need said product or service. Coming from a door to door cold sales background, Atlanta resident Blake King learned quickly how to adapt his sales style, stay focused and determined in the face of rejection and most of all, how to clearly communicate his product and the need for that product to potential customers.

From the beginning of his career in sales, Blake King noted that he had a natural ability to clearly communicate his ideas and that through this communication he could successfully close a sale which is a skill he uses at his job in marketing at Transnexus in Atlanta, Georgia. The ability to sell, for him, is based on a life philosophy that if a product helps a person and gives them a good value or improvement on life, then an opportunity for a sale is present as well. Back in his door to door days in Michigan, Blake King learned the skills that would carry him through to his current position in Atlanta. As he sees up and coming sales staff, he has noticed that these tenets such as communication, determination and perseverance are difficult to teach in a textbook and best learned through personal experience which makes him grateful for his career and the journey it has gone through.